Friday, August 23, 2013

Studio Remodel-Step 3

Yesterday I finally finished the forest "wallpaper" that I envisioned for my new nook. Also the hardwood floors got refinished, along with patching in new wood over the holes left in the floor from the closet wall. The floor guys used some of our original wood that we still had in the basement (from 1936-the year the house was built!) and some new wood so it could all blend seamlessly. I thought they did a fabulous job! Here are the steps to painting my wall scene:

First, I drew the scene very lightly on the painted wall with water soluble fabric chalk pencil.

Next, I started the long process of painting the trees!

The tops were the most challenging part because I wanted the forest to look
"thicker" towards the top, so I had to plan carefully what branches went where.

Voila! Finished handpainted "forest"

Closeup of the floor--can't even see where the wall used to be.

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