Saturday, September 14, 2013

Studio Remodel-Step 4

I thought you might like to see how the chairs are coming along that I'm reupholstering for my studio. I'm learning how to sew at the same time as taking this upholstery class---and apparently I chose two really complicated chairs as my first project! Par for the course for me but I learn best by actually doing.

Here's what the chairs looked like before I did anything with them. They looked pretty awesome but when you feel the cushioning, it feels like it has rice inside because all the foam had disintegrated.

Here's one of the faux bois tables that I bought at the same place I got the chairs. They needed repainting too.

Here's one of the chairs completely torn apart and new burlap attached.

And this is how you cut holes in foam with a special attachment on a drill that is 
actually set to reverse--that way it doesn't tear up the foam.


 This is where I'm at right now--the foam is glued to the chair back and I've attached some of the buttons. This is called tufting and it's really fun to do--good thing I like it because there are 58 buttons on each chair!

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