Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stitched-Wire, Thread and Fabric Illustrations

I've had these pieces for awhile now--in fact, they were in my booth at Surtex this past May but I am only now getting them up in my shop for sale...better late than never! I so love creating art that is digital but then becomes something tactile and real, something you can hold in your hand or run your fingers across. That's why I had these illustrations of both my Big Wig women and dogs made into fabric by Spoonflower and then stitched into them with embroidery floss to add that little something extra. I made the wire frames that surround the women's portraits as well to add another layer of texture.
Since I feel that this group is a bit different stylistically from my other wire n stitch pieces, I've created another Etsy shop just for this work.  Just click on either of my shop names below to get to the respective shops. The names of my two shops are: wirenstitch and shoptammysmith.

                                                      "She Built Things Up In Her Mind"

   "Ideas Were Flying Through Her Head" 

    "She Played Her Cards Right"

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