Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Mod Lodge" Studio Nook Complete!

I am SO happy to announce that my studio remodel is finally completed! This project was going to take 5 weeks but ended up taking 4 months, which I know is something one should expect when you do any remodeling but it wasn't the remodel that took the longest time--it was the reupholstering of my two Hollywood Regency chairs. I underestimated the time and expertise it would take to recover these two beauties, but if I HAD known, I probably wouldn't have taken the project on and I learned so much from it and met some wonderful people! Since I've already posted several photos of the earlier process, here are more recent ones of the finished project.

Completed faux trophy wall

Completed wire wall

Here's how the chairs turned out. (Don't look too closely or I'm sure 
you'll find sewing errors:)

Side view of the painted wood base and inset panel.

The finished nook by day

And by night

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  1. These chairs are spectacular, especially since you did the reupholstery yourself. wow.