Monday, July 7, 2014

Meditation Monday: Reviewing the new "Ananda-Living In Love" Meditation App from Chopra Enterprises

Hello and Happy Monday once again! This week I received an offer to download a new meditation app from Oprah and Deepak Meditation called Living In Love. The initial app is free and comes with one basic breathing meditation led by Deepak Chopra but if you want to experience any of the other 22 guided meditations in the app you'll need to purchase them for $2.99 each. As with my previous meditation posts, I am reviewing only the free version of this app so that it's an even comparison. In this first meditation, Deepak Chopra leads this meditation and it is called the SoHum meditation because this word becomes a mantra that you repeat with each breath in and out.

  When you download the app and open it, you'll see that you have a choice of different music tracks that can accompany your meditation. These are only accessible if you purchase one or more of the meditations.

Next, you can choose the length of your meditation.

You can also choose the balance of the volume between the guide's voice and the music you hear with one slider bar.

The titles you see below relate to the title of the music selection on the left and the guided meditation title on the right.

For comparison, here is the free app Simply Being that I reviewed in an earlier post. You can see that you have separate slider bars and can choose between music, nature sounds, and voice. You can also choose to have the music continue at the end of your guided meditation for a certain amount of time.

Speaking for myself, I prefer the Simply Being app because it gives the listener more choices without having to purchase anything. I love the option of listening to nature sounds also instead of music. Also, I find the guide's voice to be more soothing and conducive to deep meditation than in the SoHum mantra meditation in the Living In Love app. Don't take it from me however-I encourage you to experience it for yourself. Here's the link to download it:
                 Enjoy your Monday and your entire week. I wish you peace and happiness!

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