Monday, October 27, 2014

Meditation Monday-Healing Meditations

  This is a much more solemn and personal post than any I've done before. In the last couple of months two of my family members have been diagnosed with cancer. I won't go into specifics about their stories because I want to respect their privacy. But what I do want to do is share with you some healing meditations that I've found recently and that I try to do each day with them in mind. Often we don't know what to do for people in our lives who are ill. We ask them what we can do or try to think of practical things we can do for them, but often we feel that we aren't doing enough. I think that one of the best things we can do for others who are ill is to visualize them being well. We can hold positive thoughts about them and I believe that this energy will be transferred to them when they're not capable of feeling positive or hopeful themselves. We can meditate on them having peace of mind and not feeling pain. With that in mind, I've found these 3 healing meditations that I'd like to share with you in hopes that you can use them either for your own healing or for the healing of your loved ones. (If you're a skeptic about visualization or meditation, you may find these beyond your comfort zone. The degree to which they are effective is the degree to which you release your skepticism about them.)

This is a short 6 minute guided meditation that I found really helpful for visualizing healing for yourself or others. Since it's so short, you can listen to it more than once throughout the day if you get a chance. I think it helps to listen to these meditations often to keep your mind in a more positive healing attitude

This 15 minute meditation is rich with visualizations of nature. It feels like a walk through the woods that leads into space that leads into a dimension of positive loving energy. Sounds strange I know, but it also helps you feel protected and soothed. This meditation also mentions seeing loved ones that are not here anymore and it leads you past fear about moving on to whatever comes next.

This 19 minute meditation is called the "Archangel Raphael Healing Meditation" and it's one of my favorites. I have to admit I heard that Archangel Raphael was a healing angel til now, but if you're open to this type of meditation, it's really soothing. This meditation is really helpful for removing negative thoughts and helping you feel that you're surrounded by healing energy. It moves through each of the chakras to help cleanse and heal.

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