Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Did You Miss Me?

Evening everyone! What an incredible year it has been since last time we connected. Let’s run

through this fast so we can get to the even better things coming your way.

• My business has grown to over 35 wholesaler locations over 23 cities adding 11 cities 
since we last spoke and 4 within last month. *see list at bottom of new cities

• I’ve added custom work for a selection of incredible companies including Boulevard

Brewing Company and Shatto Milk (hometown favorites!).

• I continued to add to my city collection (21 cities in total so far!) but also created 
designs around some big events here in my hometown of Kansas City, like my World 
Series champs tea towel, Plaza Lights holiday collection, a Valentine’s Day heart 
collection and more to come!


For the new year I'm refocusing this blog on some things I love like architecture, food, illustration,

cocktails and many more indulgences we all probably share.


Stay tuned every other Wednesday to see where we go from here! A little mysterious, huh? That’s

the point!



2015/16 City Additions 

Dublin              Little Rock            New York           New Orleans           San Francisco           San Diego 

Seattle              Portland                Boston                Dallas                        Memphis                    NEXT?

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