Friday, June 10, 2016

Women Entrepreneur Series: Whiskey & Bone

 Tarrah Rose Anderson is a girl on the go. Whether living in Chicago (where she is currently), spending the summer in Seattle or moving back to her hometown of KC (which she'll be doing very shortly) she brings with her the jewelry business she founded named Whiskey & Bone. She's also a vendor in the Maker Market at the upcoming Boulevardia show here in KC June 17-19. Here's a bit more about Tarrah and her growing biz:

1. When did you start Whiskey and Bone?

Whiskey + Bone started in December of 2014. I had another jewelry business that I was messing around with for a couple years prior but the jewelry wasn't me. It was "blingy" and not anything I was really proud of, so to speak. One day I was at brunch with a good, very honest friend and we got to talking about my business. I told her that eventually I wanted to rebrand, change and basically start all over. She told me she couldn't agree more with my decision and literally that day Whiskey and Bone was born. 

2. How long have you been making and designing jewelry?

I've been a "maker" my whole life. I've always been all about getting my hands dirty and messing around with different forms of art. (In college I studied fashion design / merchandising but switched to floral design ... Later went on to take a class in metal smithing) but it wasn't until maybe 5 years ago, I decided that while the little girl I nanny was in school, I wanted to find something to take up my time during the day. I first started out wholesaling and reselling jewelry from China. It was okay but again I wanted to be creative so I would take things apart and reconstruct them. About 4 years ago I started fully making and designing jewelry. Two years ago I took a metal smithing class at a local community college and learned more about metal and my whole focus changed. So long answer short I've been making and designing for about 4 years. 

3. What or who inspires you artistically? Any jewelry heroes?

What inspires me? Well one of my most favorite things to do is go on road trips. I stay in Seattle with the little girl I nanny and her dad every summer. Along the way my sister or dad and I stop at Rock shops, bead stores and all over to pick things up for me to create with. Traveling for sure. Being around other makers. Our Kansas City maker family is incredibly talented and it pushes me to wanna create. Last I would say my family. They have been the ones pushing me to keep going when I've wanted to quit. I'm super lucky my family is so supportive. ((Jewelry heroes? If you would have asked me like 8 years ago I would have said Betsey Johnson. What wild stuff she's got!))

4. Any new products or plans for the future that you want to announce?

I'm working on lots. With Boulevardia consuming my life right now, I am holding off on my new "Bone Box" (it's a 3 month jewelry subscription). In other news I'm super excited for this fall, I have been accepted into a new communal art studio. We will be offering classes, #girlboss nights, pop ups, classes helping with Etsy / Websites and so so much more! 

Tarrah will be showing and selling the full Whiskey & Bone line at Boulevardia June 17-19 in KCMO. 

You can follow her on Instagram: and Facebook:

 If you can't make it to the show, you can purchase any of her lovely items in her Etsy shop here:

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