Thursday, June 21, 2012

How do you build it?

So when writing my New York post about “Art Everywhere” it inspired me to explore deeper into the art that helps spark my creativity.  So in my exploration for this post I wanted to discuss my love of architecture and the architects that inspire me.   Antioni Gaudi is one who inspires me!

Gaudi’s architecture was marked by his passions in life:
      Architecture – Casa Calvet in Barcelona’s is a great “basic” example of beautiful form, design and unique architectural details that withhold the test of time.  This building was designed for a textile manufacturer who used the space for his business and the upper floors were the residence.  Not a bad place to live I’d say!

     Nature – What a great example of architecture in nature.  Parc Güelll in Barcelona was inspired by the English Garden movement and since it is perched on a hill, it provided fresh air away from the smoky factories back in the early 1900’s.  Can you believe that during that time, the Parc was a part of an unsuccessful housing site??
Gaudi was also skilled in ceramics, stained glass and wrought iron work forging and carpentry.  Throughout the Parc Güell you can see Gaudi’s love for ceramics in the detailed mosaics and attention to detail.  Amazing colors and patterns!
     Religion  - It goes without saying that the Sagrada Familia is the most familiar and talked about Gaudi church, since it has taken 130 years to finish the construction due to his untimely death.  The detail is amazing!  Many of the details throughout the church are inspired by nature and the natural design.
His final passion was for the love of where he lived!  There is something to learn from that type of love.  All of Gaudi’s work shows his passion for design, inspiration from nature and curiosity in textures and patterns.  There is something to say about having passion that can take many different forms in life . . . I know what mine are! 

What is your passion?

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