Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Doing It Anyway

 Today I didn't feel like running. Most days I win the battle with my Lazy Inner Self, the one who wants to just lounge awhile and start the day slowly. Most days this summer, even with all the humid heat here in Kansas, I can motivate enough after one cup of coffee to "just do it". And today it's actually a bit cooler than it has been so I really have no excuse, plus there's someone in the room with big brown eyes cautiously watching my every move, hoping that I'll get my running shoes on and take the leash off the doorknob to take him out for a spin.
In the end, I did actually go out for my run--but not before indulging my LIS a bit first....or maybe I shouldn't call it lazy at all, because I meditated. I meditated on the way I was feeling without trying to change it. It helped that I was listening to a guided meditation by Kim Eng, who works in conjunction with Eckhart Tolle. Though it only lasted 15 minutes, I felt worlds different when I finished. I decided I'd go out for a mile walk with Lucky, just to get him out of the house. When I got outside though, the morning was beautiful and we actually have some clouds over the sun today (which I'm celebrating as we've had our fair share of hot, sunny days). I started out walking but then tried to pay attention to how I was feeling in the moment, rather than how I felt when I left the house. I felt like running, so I picked up my pace and ended up running/walking  for 2 miles, much more than I thought I could've done just an hour before. Also, to alleviate boredom from running the same routes, we reversed our 2 mile route which made it seem somewhat newer and fresher. That also helps with calorie burning, by the way, as our muscles get used to the same routes and same exercises (aka muscle memory) and whether you feel it or not, you'll burn fewer calories and expend a bit less energy. So while I have often wished that I came up with the Nike slogan above, I think the one that works for me is "Do It Anyway". I am going to try to apply it to some of the other things in life I may not always want to do, but know deep down that I will feel better after I do. What words or things motivate you?


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