Sunday, August 11, 2013

Studio Remodel-Step 2

We went on vacation while our neighbor cut a hole in my closet. I highly recommend leaving for a few days if you're having construction-or destruction-done on your house. Much more peaceful that way! When we returned home, here's what we saw:

He did a fantastic job so now the next step was painting the room and finding some awesome chairs for the nook. I had a Queen Anne style of chair in mind and I wanted to find them second hand if at all possible, instead of buying new. On First Fridays,  I looked around at alot of flea market shops that we have here in KC...and man, do we have a lot! but I didn't find anything Friday night.
Here's a pic of Gary, my studio assistant, laying on his window perch. He was feeling somewhat displaced and kept wandering around the room howling until I brought his perch in. Talk about a creature of habit.

I decided to paint the nook a really dark slate grey because I have a plan to paint a design in that area with the lighter grey that is the room color. I wanted it to feel very cocoon-like but I also wanted a hit of a bright color so I painted the edge of the wall a bright lime green called "New Lime" by Benjamin Moore. Here's what the nook looked like after painting:

Next up was finding the chairs. After I struck out on finding anything Friday night, I went to another flea market we have here called Urban Mining. That's where I found these awesome red velvet Hollywood Regency chairs! So much for Queen Anne. This is much more me anyway:) I also found these fantastic little faux bois tables at the same place. LOVE Urban Mining! 
Next will be getting the floor redone, recovering the chairs and painting the tables. This is taking alot longer than I thought it would and I'm getting a bit tired of having my desk in the living room 
BUT I think it will definitely be worth it.

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  1. Looking good, Tammy! The strip of bright green around the nook opening is genius :)