Monday, January 6, 2014

Accentuate The Positive

I haven't posted since before Christmas but I really want to share this with you. On Dec. 21, my 88-year old father passed away. Although we knew it was coming, life is very different without him around and it makes me feel better if I tell you a few things about him: He was an unwitting war hero at age 19, in his life he never turned a stray animal away, he tended a huge garden and grew beautiful vegetables, he made many beautiful things from wood, and he also had a wonderful tenor voice. We recorded this video of him 4 years ago when he began to sing this impromptu song after Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy and I hope this always reminds you to "accentuate the positive". 

1 comment:

  1. Tammy, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. My heart hurts for you. Such a beautiful video of him and what a wonderful memory. He certainly will help remind me to "accentuate the positive" Hugs to you.