Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fantastic People from the NSS Show

One of the best parts of doing trade shows are the people you meet and this year's NSS show was no exception. My good friend Michael Letzig, who I mentioned in a previous post, was my helper for the first two days of the show and man, was his help needed and appreciated! He also has a wealth of knowledge about our industry and has a lot of experience in the licensing world, so his presence was reassuring on many levels. Also I got to meet the Perfectly Nice dynamic duo, who are also known as Bob and Colleen Shea. They are actually mutual friends of another pal of mine, Laurie Keller, and we met by "coincidence" (although I happen to think there ARE no coincidences). They're both amazingly talented people who also happen to be funny, self-deprecating, and warm all at the same time. Then from across the pond, there's Hannah Nunn, who I have never met in person but have been e-friends with for awhile now since she included one of my wire lamps in her book "Illuminate". I'm so glad we finally met in person. Another British designer I met was DuPenny, whom I was told to look up by a customer and I'm glad I did. Her work is black and white and wonderful all over! The woman holding a camera is Petra Kern, a very lovely person who is a designer with AFreshBunch group. She and I became fast friends and I loved hearing about her life in Slovenia. And last but not least, another hometown business, Hammerpress. It was so great to see people from KC at the show plus I've always been a big fan of Brady Vest's work.

My good friend Michael and I at Hudson Commons

Bob and Colleen Shea from Perfectly Nice

Hannah Nunn in her beautiful lighting shop

DuPenny and her booth were a visual treat

Petra Kern and her camera (which she lost but thankfully got back!)

Hammerpress booth-always wonderful product and display

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