Thursday, May 29, 2014

Zen and the Art of Shipping

Okay I take back what I said in a previous post about using GES to ship my booth boxes to and from the National Stationery Show. I've had issues in the past (scary stories that would keep you up at night about things like boxes getting sent back to my home the day before a show or my boxes getting thrown away with all my custom packing in them....but I digress) so this time I decided to give the home team a chance and ship with them, thinking that they'd be the least stressful option since they are the service that is onsite at the Javits after all. And to be fair, what happened may not be the fault of GES, but instead the company they subcontracted to--a company named YRC Global.
The boxes were picked up from my doorstep which was really nice, and they got to the show without incident, but they just didn't return that way. One didn't return at fact, they still don't know where it is. The other was smashed, along with most of the contents inside. I am filing claims for both of these boxes of course, but the basic coverage won't cover the cost of the damages and I didn't spring for the extra insurance, thinking that I wouldn't need it. This is where the zen part comes in, because at the end of the day, I just can't do anything about it other than what I've done-fill out claim reports, talk to my client rep at GES, and write about it here.
I'm usually not the type to air grievances online--I try not to do that because I figure there are two sides to most stories. This one however, seems pretty cut and dried. So I've accepted that all my lamps, light bulbs, frames, and some samples are twisted and broken. I've accepted that my two wire sculptures of the Brooklyn Bridge and Notre Dame are gone (possibly for good) along with a guitar stand used for display props, table, 2 chairs, order forms, line sheets, and some tools. I hope that I'll get the amount they were insured for, but that still remains to be seen.
Happy? Not about this. Let it ruin my day? Nah....just another lesson learned in the trade show book.
I just wanted to let others know in case they use the same shipping companies I did.
Now, on to more positive pursuits:)

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