Monday, June 30, 2014

Meditation Monday: Prana Meditation-Meditation for Increased Energy

Happy Monday! Are you starting out your week feeling energized and ready to go? Or are you feeling like you're already lacking some energy before you've even gone out the door (or sat down at your desk if you work at home)? Well this week I'm going to talk about the practice of Prana meditation. There are many interesting and thorough articles on this type of meditation practice but I am going to give you the beginner's viewpoint, as I had never done Prana meditation prior to a few weeks ago but once I tried it, I'm hooked!

   The word Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning "breath, considered as a life-giving force" and the practice of Pranayama comes from Hindu yoga, meaning "the regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises." Certified yoga teacher Dawn Angerame of Nava NYC gives a brief explanation of Pranayama here:

  Speaking for myself, I found Prana meditation really helpful for feeling grounded and energized and I've begun to practice it in the afternoon when my energy or attention is waning but it's also really beneficial first thing in the morning too. I found this 18 minute Prana meditation by Brian Anderson that adds a visualization to the meditation that I enjoyed and found helpful also.

  Remember: You don't have to be a yoga practitioner to do a Prana meditation. You just have to have a few moments to spare and a desire to increase your energy. I hope you'll find it as helpful as I did!

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