Friday, July 25, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Alex Colombo

The road that led Alex Colombo to her current career as a licensing artist has been a winding one--she has worked in many different mediums including textile painting, knitting, crocheting, and watercolor just to name a few. Alex writes a popular blog "The Moon From My Attic" where she turns the spotlight on other artists and their work. I think Alex and her work deserve that same sort of attention and since she is so good at describing her life, influences, and process, I'm going to let her speak for herself here:

I feel like I was born an artist, though it took me many years to fully figure it out. I fell in love with painting at a very early age and have been creating art in various forms ever since. My first job after graduating from art school was to create hand painted textile designs for a studio in Italy and later I worked as an interior designer for many years. I have always crafted, whether it is knitting, crocheting or creating other crafts just for the joy of creating them for family and friends.

I like to make people smile through art; it's one way for me to help them live a better life. For example, as an interior designer I assisted my clients to create their dream spaces. It's an educational process as a partnership is created and I get to learn and teach at the same time! Most of my creative process involves painting with watercolors or gouache, though I love to experiment with various media - from linen to cork to wood to more traditional paper. Essentially, I like to express the joy I feel for life through the many textures and possibilities that I've come in contact with.

Throughout my many travels, design jobs and other life events I have collected in my head lots of amazing images, so it's easy for me to draw from my own memories. I grew up in a beautiful part of Italy near the Alps and spent time at my grandpa's summer house overlooking beautiful Lake Como. Colorful wildflowers, sweet fruit trees and green roman gardens would accompany my days wandering through the hillsides there. I can still remember the beautiful moonrise and the fragrance of the wisteria over the balcony.

My work is very diverse and experimental. One day I create art for licensing, the next I interview an artist or manufacturer, or perhaps work on a freelance project. This year I've got some challenging family health issues to take care of, so I'm shifting my focus and direction to accommodate and embrace these new adventures! Even so, my need to create playful, whimsical art is part of what sustains me, and represents my outlook on life as full of joy and possibilities.

Below are some examples of Alex's work. To see more of her work, you can follow her on Facebook:, visit her website:,  or her online shop:

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