Saturday, July 19, 2014

What I'm Grateful For This Week

Thought I'd try something new. This is an amalgam of all the things I'm grateful for this week--some has been posted to IG, some to FB, some right here and some nowhere at all until now. As you'll notice, they aren't "prettied up". I want this to be more spontaneous.

This pretty lady turned 98 this week. I'm so grateful she's my mother-in-law.

This is a wire sculpture I started of the Nelson-Atkins Museum here in KC. Grateful to live in
such a cool city with a museum like this.

It was BEAUTIFUL here all week long and I loved it-last Saturday we took our dog to the dog beach at a park and then had a picnic on a blanket. 

I finally got my studio organized and hung all my work on the walls. That made me feel really accomplished!

Finished the wire piece of the Nelson. Grateful I had the time to do it. Wire is my first love.

Packed a BIG order for Uncommon Goods website. Love working with them and am grateful for em!

Finished a piece inspired by a friend's wedding dress that I'm going to give her next time I see her. Grateful for inspiration.

My new hydrangea tree is starting to bloom--and just when I thought I didn't have a green thumb. Grateful for a gardening miracle.

Made some KC blank cards this week and got them to a local shop, Shop Beautiful. Happy to have some of my work here in my hometown.

            Friends came over and we sat on my porch and talked until I got to light my chandelier. Grateful for friendship and for Studio M, who made my chandelier a reality.

Saw this GORGeouS car today. Know what it is? '46 Caddy. So glad cars like this
are still around.

So that's it. The week in gratitude. It's been a great week for more reasons than just this though. Hope you all had a good week too! What would your week look like?


  1. Thanks for sharing your gratitude list, Tammy. Your wire Nelson Gallery is deluxe!

    1. Hey thanks TTT! Isn't it fun to live in such a beautiful and happening city?

  2. You had a great week, I think! I'm glad I got to be in on a tiny part of it!

  3. I'm glad you were there too Gina. It was so great to be able to sit out on the porch in mid-July and not be sweltering:)